Business Assessment

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What best describes your business progress?

I have never been in business, but I have an idea for a business that I would like to seek advice and opinion on from a counselor at the MD PTAP.
I am doing business with the government but need more help for the next level.
I currently operate & own a business, I am just not sure of whether or not the federal or state government will buy my product or service, and/or which agencies I should target as potential customers.
I currently sell products and/or services to the government; however my sales have been declining year over year.
I do not require technical assistance; however I am interested in learning more about your training and education services.
I represent/own a successful government contracting firm; I would like to meet with a counselor to discuss potential teaming opportunities, and/or a mentor arrangement.

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The Procurement Technical Assistance Center is funded, in part, by the Department of Defense through the Defense Logistics Agency's Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization, the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development, the University of Maryland, and the Harford County Office of Economic Development.